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Our four-step design process assures that our creativity remains focused on achieving your business goals. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.



Initial Brief

You tell us what your business goals are; what your company's visual identity needs to accomplish, both now and for the long-term. We show you possible solutions based on your needs, timeline and resources.

We map out a project plan and schedule; then discuss production means and choice of vendors. We submit the write-up for your review.

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Based on a mutual agreement and understanding of the design engagement, we will send you a written summary for the entire project. This will include our obligations, your rights, an estimated fee and payment schedule for your approval and signature.

Estimates are based on the complexity of the project, the number of initial concepts and your timeline.

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We deliver initial concepts, and make revisions to your chosen designs. Once approved, we extend them to other SKUs, applications, pages etc., and submit the entire package to you.

Together, we examine the final design(s) both for accuracy and in regard to your original requirements. Final adjustments and proofing are made at this time until the design meets your complete approval.

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Once all the components of the project are approved, we move from the design stage into production. We outline the phases of the production and if needed, we supervise all of the production work.

Whether it means having your packaging produced, your book printed or your website programmed we deliver the final result of our collaboration to you, exactly as promised—on time and on budget.

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